Middle Paleolithic: 
Aterian Civilization (sites of Bir el Ater, south of Annaba, and in the Nementcha at 70 km south of Tebessa, to the extremity of djebel Onk).

Ancient Neolithic:
Sites of snail shell mounds near Constantine and in the Sahara: Capsians were escargot eaters.

Recent Neolithic in Sahara (humid):
Brilliant Civilization (engravings and cave paintings of the Tassili n’Adjjer).

16th Century to 9th Century BC:
Probable descendants of the Capsians came into contact with " people of the Sea " and learned Aegean and Anatolian techniques: the Sahara became barren and empty.

Carthaginian Period, Kingdom of Numidia and Roman Period

About 1250 BC 
Arrival of the Phoenician and foundation of the merchant colonies of Hippo-regius and Utica.

About-510 BC
Treaty between Rome and Carthage, Rome recognized the commercial monopoly of Carthage in the western Mediterranean

From 348 BC to 306 BC
Commercial Treaties between the Punics and Romans

From 264 BC to 146 BC
Punic wars (264 BC to 241 BC/ 218BC to 201 BC/ 149 BC to 146 BC)

3rd and 2nd century BC
Kingdoms of Numidia : Syphax, Massinissa and Jugurtha

From 111 BC to 105 BC
Jugurthine Wars between Jugurtha, king of the Numidians, and the Romans

46 BC
Numidia became a Roman province

From 1 AD to 429 AD
Romanization of North Africa

From 429 AD to 430 AD
Invasion of the Vandals

From 533 AD to 646 AD
Byzantine Conquests of North Africa



 King Jugurtha ( BC –  BC.)




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