Algeria is a vast country of 2,381,741 km2. It has a variety of landforms and climates which makes it an ideal tourist destination throughout the year. Furthermore, Algeria’s natural and historical heritage offers exceptional assets that may constitute a significant contribution to the national economy.

After many years of neglect, Algeria destination has experienced a renewed interest. This progress has been marked by the emergence of new products beside the traditional discovery and relaxation stays, at a time when the Algerian government is setting up a strategy for tourism development by the year 2015.

Various activities can be practiced all over the year in the main regions of the country:

  • The coastal strip, along the Mediterranean Sea bordered by beaches and coves, where the main cities like Algiers, Oran and Annaba are concentrated;
  • The Kabylie region;
  • The Aures mountains;
  • The Mzab valley;
  • The Oued Souf;
  • The Hoggar Mountains and Tassili;
  • The Touat and Gourara oases. 

Algeria offers a remarkable variety of opportunities for tourists:

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Nelson Mandela with Algerian National Liberation Army -1962-

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