Algerian culture has been experiencing something of a revival, with traditional forms of dance and music such as Andalous, Chaabi, Bedoui, Chaoui, Kabyle, Diwane and Targui...becoming more widely taken up once again.

Local instruments such as the oud (a stringed lute-like instrument) and maqrunah (an Arabic wind instrument which can be fitted with a pouch, similar to a bag-pipe) provide unique regional sounds.

Music is also influenced by global trends. Rap-style Rai is a modern form of Algerian songs with a message and is popular among younger generations.




Saint Augustine, the Algerian

A Phoenician trading post established in the eleventh century BC, Hippone was a flourishing numide city, ally of Carthage, until the fall of this latter. In the third century BC, Gaïa, father of Massinissa, turned it into one of the capitals of his kingdom. After the defeat of Jugurtha, Numide Hippone was annexed to the Roman province of Africa Nova, and became the most prosperous of the pre-Roman Africa cities as well as the center of African Christianity. In the fifth century, it was invaded and ransacked by Genseric. The vandals settled in Hippone for a whole century and the Byzantines just as long. Archeological excavations revealed the residential district, from which originate most of the splendid mosaics displayed in the museum of the city, as well as the Christian district. The history of Hippone is closely connected to the life of Saint Augustine, the most famous of the Latin Church’s Fathers.

Recently, some tour operators set up a circuit called “On the footsteps of Saint Augustine” for foreigners interested in cultural and religious trips. In the program: the basilica and ruins of Hippone; the Punic and Roman center of the antique Calama in Guelma; the vestiges of the small amphitheatre; and Saint Augustine’s school Madaure.



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Nelson Mandela with Algerian National Liberation Army -1962-

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