ALGIERS- Algeria condemns and rejects "in substance and form" the European Parliament’s "blatant" interference in its internal affairs and reserves the right to conduct an overall assessment of its relations with all the European institutions, said Thursday a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"At the instigation of a motley group of deputies, the European Parliament has taken the frightful liberty to discuss the current political process in our country, just in the moment when the Algerians are preparing to democratically and in full transparency elect a new president of the Republic," notes the same source, adding that" the MEPs shamefully assumed the right to demand to the Algerian Parliament to amend laws that our MPs have freely voted."

 "Through this step, the European Parliament has demonstrated its contempt, not only for the Algerian institutions, but also to bilateral consultation mechanisms provided for in the Association Agreement, chiefly in the parliamentary field," said the statement, adding that the European Parliament "has especially confirmed, on the initiative of the instigators, that it now openly promotes their agenda of chaos, which they have unfortunately executed in many brother countries."

 Hence, it is revealing that "one of the European parliamentarians praised colonization that would have allowed, according to him, the exercise of freedom of worship during the 132 years of the colonial rule in Algeria," bemoaned the same source.

"Algeria condemns and rejects in substance and form this flagrant interference in its internal affairs and reserves the right to conduct a general and attentive examination of its relations with all the European institutions, in the light of what these institutions actually confer on the values of good open neighborhood, open cooperation and mutually respectful dialogue," the statement from the Foreign Ministry concluded.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

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