ALGIERS-Twenty-two (22) candidates for the next 12 December presidential election submitted their applications to the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE).  

The deadline to submit candidacy applications for the presidential election ended on Saturday 26 October 2019 at midnight, in accordance with Article 140 of the organic law on elections and the presidential decree convening the electorate.

Candidate of the National Democratic Rally (RND), Azzedine Mihoubi was the first to confirm his participation in this presidential election.

Mihoubi, who submitted his candidacy application on last Wednesday, said he “will present an ambitious and implementable programme to address citizens’ concerns.”

He was followed by President of El Bina movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, who submitted his candidacy application on Thursday.

“The next presidential election is a step towards meeting the Algerian people’s expectations and achieving the change sought by the popular movement (Hirak),” said Bengrina.

Chairman of the Algerian Rally (RA), Ali Zeghdoud preferred to wait for the last day to submit his application, as did former Premiers Abdelmadjid Tebboune and Ali Benflis.

According to Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the presidential election is a “new beginning” and the unique solution likely to enshrine the sovereignty of the people provided for in Articles 7 and 8, the application of which the Hirak has claimed.”

Former Head of Government and Chairman of Talaie El Houriyet party, Ali Benflis said that the organization of the presidential election “is the shortest, least risky and least costly path” for our country.

Al-Moustakel Front party Chairman, Abdelaziz Belaid confirmed his participation in the 12 December presidential election in the evening.

The Algerian people will assume their responsibility today" as "the arbiter” who “holds the solution,” said Belaid.

Habirat Abderrezak, another presidential candidate, filed his candidacy papers.

He assured that he “meets” all legal candidacy conditions and his candidacy was intended to be "an answer to the call of the country.”

Abbas Djamel, a university teacher and another presidential candidate, filed his candidacy papers on Saturday.

He urged Algerians to mobilize for the building of a better Algeria through “participation in the presidential election” scheduled for 12 December.

Another party leader, Mourad Aroudk also filed his candidacy papers on Saturday.

Independent presidential elections, Ali Sekouri and Abdelhakim Hemadi, as well as Secretary General of the National Republican Alliance (ANR), Belkacem Sahli, Journalist Slimane Bekhlili and Chairman of the child protection network NADA, Abderrahmane Arar also chose the last day to file their candidacy papers.

On Saturday, Kherchi Neoui, Raouf Aieb, Nadjeh Abdelmounim, Belabbes Layadi and Mohamed Bouaouina (five independent candidates) and Leader of the Good Governance Front, Belhadi Aissa, as well as Chairman of the National Union for Development, Mohamed Dif and Economist Fares Mesdour filed their papers.

147 applicants withdrew the application forms for individual signatures for the presidential elections on 12 December.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

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