ALGIERS – Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army on Wednesday in Constantine, voiced his certainty that the presidential election will be held within the "deadlines," thanks to the " people's good understanding of certain parties’ agendas, which bear no relation to the Algerians' interest."

 "To put the country back on the right path unavoidably requires the definition of priorities, and there is no doubt that the priority in such a situation is holding the presidential election within the established timeframes. Previously, we spoke about the need to accelerating the organization of the presidential election, but today we are absolutely confident that they will be held within the established timeframes, thanks to the people’s good understanding of the agendas of certain well-known parties, which bear no relation to the interest of the Algerian people," said Gaïd Salah in an orientation address during a meeting with the personnel of the 5th Military region.

 For him, "these agendas are dictated by parties hostile to Algeria, who make all the tendentious efforts to hinder the constitutional solution; namely the holding of presidential election."

On a visit to the 5th Military region, the Army chief inspected the units of the 1st Armored Division of Barika.

Gaid Salah stressed that, in a situation of crisis, these parties find themselves confronted with two options; "either to accept the result of the elections or stand aside from the popular choice, which they will never accept".

"This is why, he said, they look for a third option which may have unknown consequences and unpredictable repercussions."


This option which is nihilistic, sterile and without perspective makes Algeria security and stability exposed to "countless dangers," he said.

 The "People’s National Army faces these dangers with unchanging strength, determination and resolution. It faces them thanks to its noble missions, based on its constant compliance with the constitutional legality…"

In this regard, the Lieutenant General reassured the Algerian people about the "huge" capabilities that the Army possesses and will use to serve the nation and the people.

 "The Algerian people should be fully confident that their army will continue to support them throughout the national territory, and throughout such a sensitive phase to allow the holding of presidential elections in peace and serenity," he concluded.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

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