ALGIERS- Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah, the deputy minister of National Defense and chief of the Army Staff expressed Tuesday his wish for national dialogue to be conducted without imposing "preconditions leading to diktats."

The Lieutenant General highlighted the steps taken on the path of national dialogue, mainly after the audience the head of State granted to a group of national figures to lead the dialogue.

He pledged to provide the required resources and the suitable conditions for the holding of the presidential elections as soon as possible," the ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

"In this respect, and in response to the requirements of the country's highest interest, the High Command of the Army has been working, since the beginning of the crisis, for a rational, logical and realistic approach, in tune with the Algerian people and State institutions," Gaid Salah said in an address at a ceremony honoring the best laureates, among the Cadets of the Nation, of the Baccalaureate and the medium school certificate (2019).

He added that he had stressing "on several occasions that he has no political ambition, except that of serving the nation and its highest interests."

"We should not lose more time, as the elections must be the main focus of the dialogue, a dialogue we welcome and wish to be successful, without imposing the preconditions that lead to diktats," the chief of the Army Staff said,

"Such methods and ideas are rejected outright, for Algeria needs today those who make sacrifices for their country and put the supreme interests of the nation above any other consideration."

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 

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