ALGIERS-With regard to the options available in this crisis situation, notably the proposals relating to a constituent assembly and a transition period, public authorities opted for a “safer and more rational” approach based on free and incontestable presidential election, with a view to engaging in an “institutional and political renewal” process, said Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Noureddine Ayadi.

The transition period option necessarily implies “putting aside constitutional institutions and replace them with special self-proclaimed bodies, acting outside any legal and institutional framework,” said Ayadi in an interview with national media on Tuesday, including APS.

Such an approach would consist in “setting up a de facto and improvised power, submitted to the fluctuant risks and would pave the way to anarchy, adventurism and all forms of perilous and threatening foreign interference,” he continued.

Obviously, this option is likely to perpetuate the crisis while the people demand a solution and stability,” recalled the SG of the Presidency of the Republic.

The presidential election option will lead to the election of “a fully legitimate” president enjoying “citizens’ trust” and able to launch institutional, economic and social reforms.

 The modalities to organize this presidential election must rely on the “broadest possible” consensus as advocated by the Head of State in his precedents messages, stressed Ayadi.

This consensus implies efforts and the Algerian State “trusts” in the sense responsibility and the wisdom of the political scene, the civil society, the elite and citizens. This situation and the issues that follow, "require that differences be resolved in order to focus on the sole national interest, the success of the presidential election.”

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

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