ALGIERS-The Head of State, Abdelkader Bensalah on Wednesday renewed his call "an inclusive national dialogue" on the next presidential term, ensuring that the State, including the military institution, will not be "involved in this dialogue.”

In a speech to the nation, the Head of State called on national political players, all components of the political class, national patriotic personalities, civil society, elites, young people and women, to "engage in the process of inclusive national dialogue the State intends to launch now.”

Bensalah invited them to participate in this dialogue to "discuss all concerns regarding the upcoming presidential term" so that they could "contribute to the organization of elections in a climate of understanding and serenity.”

Considering this dialogue "more than necessary", the Head of State said that it constituted "the best way to achieve the necessary consensus on all issues related to the presidential election.”

"This dialogue is urgent because the country must regain its political and institutional normality as soon as possible to face economic and social uncertainties and threats to our national security, given a particularly complex external environment," he argued.

Bensalah urged all parties to "put aside marginal calculations and unrealistic demands" and stressed that they "are likely to prolong the current situation and lead our country into a situation of constitutional vacuum, a source of uncertainty and instability.”

In detailing his new political offer, the Head of State affirmed that the dialogue process to be launched shortly "will be free and transparent, and will be led by independent national figures, with neither partisan affiliation nor electoral ambition.”

In this regard, he affirmed that the all State’s components, including the military institution, would not be a party to this dialogue and would be strictly neutral throughout the process.

The State, he continued, "will simply provide the panel of personalities with the necessary means.”

                         Need for specific law

Bensalah assured that "participants in the dialogue will be free to discuss and debate the conditions ensuring the credibility of the election and to address all legislative, regulatory and organizational aspects of the election, including monitoring and supervision mechanisms.”

In the same vein, he stressed that the dialogue "must necessarily focus on the sole strategic objective of organizing the election", which "should be held as soon as possible" and “in accordance with the Constitution."

The dialogue should also focus on the "independent electoral body or authority to be installed”. It will be tasked with organizing and monitoring the stages of the electoral process,” he continued.

"Participants in the dialogue must also discuss the configuration of this entity and determine its missions, powers and component, including, possibly, the consensual personalities who will lead it," the Head of State detailed.

According to Bensalah, this entity, which will replace the public administration, "will be tasked with intervening countrywide and will therefore have branches in provinces, municipalities and electoral districts of our community abroad.”

A specific law should be adopted to allow the establishment of this body, said Bensalah, who also stressed the need to adapt the legislative and regulatory framework, including the law on elections.  

The Head of State underlined the need to “ensure that this election can meet all the requirements of impartiality, regularity and transparency.”

"Coordination between this body and the High Independent Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE) must also be addressed,” said Bensalah.

For the Head of State, the presidential election "remains the only viable and reasonable democratic solution" to transcend the pitfalls of this crucial stage in Algeria's history.

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 20:45

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