ALGIERS- Two applicants to the presidential election submitted their candidacy applications at the Constitutional Council before the legal deadline expires (Saturday at midnight), opening thus the way to the Council to give a ruling on their validity within 10 days.

“After the expiry of the legal deadline for the submission of the candidacy applications, on 25 May 2019 at midnight, in anticipation of the presidential election of 4 July 2019, the Constitutional Council recorded the submission of two applications on 25 May 2019 at its secretariat general,” announced the Constitutional Council in a communiqué.

The two applicants are independent candidates, namely Abdelhakim Hamadi and Hamid Touahri, out of a total of 77 people who withdrew intention letters at the Ministry of Interior, including three heads of parties.

Out of the 77 deposited intention letters, 74 are from free candidates and three applications of political parties, namely the Republican National Alliance (ANR), El Moustakbel Front (FM) and the Algerian Front for Development, Freedom and Equity (FADLE).

ANR and El Moustakbal Front announced Saturday their decision to suspend their participation in this election until “combining the necessary conditions for the success of this decisive election.”

The Constitutional Council will give a ruling on the validity of these applications within ten days, as from the date of the submission of the declaration of candidacy, in accordance with the organic law on electoral system.

This law underlines that the withdrawal of the applicants is neither accepted nor taken into consideration after the validation of the applications by the Constitutional Council, only in the case of serious unforeseen difficulties legally noticed by the Constitutional Council or in the case of the death of the concerned person.

Monday, 27 May 2019 10:25

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