BERLIN – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra said Wednesday in Berlin (Germany) that the Algerian State was "seeking to preserve the sustainability of the constitutional institutions," adding that the "constructive dialogue" is the solution to the current situation.

"The solution to the situation prevailing in Algeria is the dialogue with all the political trends and the civil society as well," Lamamra told a news conference held jointly with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

The minister expressed optimism with "the capacity of Algeria to surmount this sensitive period," pointing that "any solution must ensure the Algerian state continue to accomplish its duties."

"The constructive dialogue is the only way which would allow efficient solutions and respond to all the aspirations of the Algerian people, along with the accomplishment by the Algerian State of its responsibilities in the country and regarding its geopolitical neighborhood," added Lamamra.

The "dialogue is the key to a better future," he said.

Speaking about the plan proposed by the president of the Republic, Lamamra said that this roadmap "clearly stipulates that President Bouteflika doesn’t intend to be candidate and commit not to stand in the future presidential election," adding that the "National Inclusive Conference’s mission is to fix the date of the election."

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"Once this Conference takes place and the new Constitution is written with the contribution of all the political trends, a new presidential election will be organized, in virtue of which President Bouteflika’s term will expire and the power will be handed over to a new president the people will democratically elect," added the Deputy Prime Minister.

"All the Algerians want that this quantum leap leads to a new regime of consensus," he added.

"All the parties strive for this transition is conducted without conflicts of between the various forces in the country."

Besides, Lamamra hoped that everyone would move from "the stage of expressing positions to the stage of dialogue so to agree on the path which will allow the end of this situationn and forge ahead towards a better future."

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

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