ALGIERS – Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh said Monday in Algiers that an impartial judiciary, far from the political controversies, is the guarantee of the security and the stability of the nation.

 Speaking at a ceremony organized on the occasion of the Women’s Day, Louh said that an "impartial judiciary, far from the political controversies and the plural processes and visions constitute the guarantee of the nation’s security and stability," insisting on the "need to preserve the achievements made in terms of instances and institutions, without which we cannot speak of democratic, sure and secure option."

The minister insisted on "the commitment of judges, in all circumstances, to fulfill the obligation of discretion and confidentiality and move away from all what could impact their impartiality and independence, are the values they vowed to comply with during their oath taking ceremony."

"The judges must show equity, loyalty and probity and fidelity to principles of Justice," he added, voicing his conviction that judges "are fully aware of the weight of their responsibility," hence the need to made sure that "this responsibility to meet the principles stipulated in the profession’s statutes and ethics."

The judiciary "is aware of its constitutional responsibility, as an independent power exercising its duties, under the law on the basis of the legality and equality."

For the minister of justice, the Algerian people "united in hardships are capable of surmounting all the sensitive stages and consolidating their achievements, chiefly the unity of the country against all infiltration, the preservation of the security and the stability, the establishment of calmness and the construction of prosperous future."


Monday, 11 March 2019 17:36

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