ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika stressed Wednesday the need to speed up the economic reforms to end the dependence on hydrocarbons and the fluctuations of their prices in the international markets.

In a message to the Nation on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the outbreak of November Revolution, the Head of State affirmed that “If Algeria has made progress, of which we are proud, in terms of development in all its forms, we must, however, make further efforts to deal with the remaining social needs of our population (…) and take up the challenge of speeding up the economic reforms and the diversification of the national product to end dependence on hydrocarbons and the fluctuations of their prices in the international markets.”

After underlining that the Glorious Revolution was after the independence “the beginning of a huge construction process,” President Bouteflika pointed out that the achievements of the independent Algeria are to be apprehended compared with the situation prevailing the recovery of our liberty, a situation marked by the displacement of more than a quarter of our people,  almost inexistent administrative staff, a generalized illiteracy, a prevailing poverty and natural resources still under the colonizer’s influence.

Algeria was perceived, then, as a “State succeeding its economic take-off,” and a State renown also through its pioneering role in supporting the rights of colonized and persecuted peoples, and in the vanguard of the struggle of the South’s peoples for establishment of a new global economic order and the valuation of peoples’ natural resources, notably hydrocarbons, underlined to the Head of State.

In this regard, he said that this momentum was interrupted because of the fluctuations in oil prices which paralyzed the country’s economic process and “because of a political laxity,” Algeria sank in the spiral of chaos, terrorism and destruction, hence “the factors of the national tragedy from which our people had suffered during almost a decade.”

President of the Republic mentioned the conditions in which he took office as President of the country, underlining “20 years ago, you honored me with your trust while our country was experiencing a difficult situation and the international environment banished us and imposed an undeclared embargo.”

He added that “together, and strong in our faith and drawing from the referents of our religion and the values of the Declaration of the Glorious Revolution of November, we were able, Thank God, to redress the situation and start a phase of construction.”


Wednesday, 31 October 2018 19:42

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