ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika emphasized Sunday, in Algiers, the role of the press in revealing shortcomings and drifts, considering that “it is a valued contribution to the recovery of the situation and strengthening of the rule of law.”

In his message to the press corporation, on the occasion of the celebration of the National Press Day, coinciding with October 22nd, the Head of State said that the fact of “underlining the shortcomings existing throughout our country or the drifts recorded here and there, is a valued contribution to the recovery of the situation and the strengthening of the rule of law.”

 “Even if we welcome, legitimately, on every occasion our country’s progress, we shouldn’t neglect, however, the shortcomings in several fields, as we shouldn’t underestimate the dangers threatening the country at several levels,” he added.  

In this regard, President Bouteflika called on the press corporation to play its role in this field while providing legal protection to journalists, adding “… I urge you to contribute to guiding society to the right path, ensuring you the protection of the State and law.”

President of the Republic said that the celebration of the National Press Day is, once again, an opportunity to express respect to the national press corporation, and “a stop to assess the corporation’s achievements and an opportunity to ponder over the situation of our country and the challenges facing it.”

The Head of State also broached the contribution of the Algerian press to the struggle of liberation and the support, in the independent Algeria, of the building process, highlighting the role of the press that paid “a heavy price to face despicable terrorism.”

In the face of such challenges, President of the Republic called on the women and men of the national press to play “their predominant role to serve the country, a role that you assume whatever your political tendencies and allegiances are, as we are in a pluralism of which we are proud and committed,” he said.


Monday, 22 October 2018 10:34

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