ALGIERS- The new speaker of the People’s National Assembly Mouad Bouchareb committed Wednesday, in Algiers, to enshrining the culture of partnership within the Parliament’s Lower House and to establishing the cooperation rules with the Government, on the basis of the separation of powers.

During his first speech as the speaker of the People’s National Assembly, replacing Said Bouhadja, Bouchareb “committed to enshrining the culture of partnership, understanding, construction and communication with all the parties making up the Assembly, in order to raise the Assembly’s institutional level, making from it an edifice of participative democracy and a platform to defend the country’s supreme interests, as well as to work for “the establishment of the rules of cooperation, mutual aid and complementarity with the Government on the basis of the separation of powers and with the Council of the Nation and other constitutional bodies and institutions.”

Affirming that “he will be open to all views and proposals able to perfect the Assembly’s performance and bring it closer to the citizens,” Bouchareb committed “to establishing dialogue with all the parties making up the Assembly.”

In this regard, he called on the deputies to “join the development project initiated by President of the Republic for the construction of Algeria of modernity, sustainable development, solidarity and social justice as part of the commitment to the national sovereignty, the unity of people, and principles of the national identity.”

In this regard, the new speaker urged the Assembly’s members to “civilized view exchanges (…) and the promotion of democratic debate.” In this regard, he called “to make the country’s interest prevail.”

“The current priority of the people’s National Assembly is to continue its noble missions in order to represent citizens devotedly,” said Bouchareb, adding that “the responsibility of the Assembly’s speaker is both a burden and a challenge, giving us more determination for the enshrinement of the Parliament’s position in accordance with the Constitution and aspirations of the President of the Republic and Algerian people.”

Thursday, 25 October 2018 08:30

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