ALGIERS- The provisions of the Charter for peace and national reconciliation, which was approved by the Algerian people thirteen years ago, were “almost fully implemented” and “require complementary measures,” affirmed Saturday head of the legal assistance committee for the implementation of the Charter for peace and national reconciliation Merouane Azzi.

In a statement to APS, Azzi said that the Charter for peace and national reconciliation approved at 97.38% in a popular referendum, to which called President of the Republic on 29 September 2005, “was almost fully implemented and the results of its implementation on the ground are contained in the final report on the implementation of the Charter, submitted to President of the Republic three years ago.”

The aforementioned document includes several main themes, notably the activity of the committee in figures, the statistics of cases received and handled by the committee.

On this occasion, Azzi reiterated his call to the strengthening of the promotion of the Charter for peace and national reconciliation through “complementary measures,” underlining that after ten years, the legal assistance committee noted some groups affected by the throes of terrorism during the black decade didn’t benefit from measures provided for as part of the national reconciliation.

These groups include the children born in the mountains and people who suffered from material and economic losses during the national tragedy and those jailed in the country’s south, hence the need for “new measures to deal with these issues.”

President of the Republic promulgated in 2011 complementary measures, including the indemnification of raped women and the authorization to travel abroad for people who were banned from leaving the national territory.

Sunday, 30 September 2018 09:30

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