a. Realization period:

  • Exemption from duties, taxes, taxations and other tax deductions on all goods and services imported or locally purchased, that are necessary for the realization of the investment ;
  • Exemption from registration fees on transfers of real property allocated to the production as well as advertising law which they are subject ;
  • Exemption from registration fees on the constituent acts of companies and capital increases ;
  • Exemption from property tax on real estate allocated to the production ;
  • Exemption from registration fees, of land advertisement fees and the domanial remuneration on built and non built property, granted for the realization of investment projects. This benefit is applicable for the minimum duration of the granted concession.

Also benefit from these provisions concessions previously granted by decision of the Council of Ministers in favour of investment projects.

b.Exploitation period:

For duration of ten (10) years from the observation of commencement of activity, established by the tax authorities to the diligence of the investor:

  • Exemption from Corporate profits tax ;
  • Exemption from Professional activity tax ;
  • Exemptions from or reductions of taxes, duties or taxes, including value  added tax levied on the price of goods produced by the investment within the scope of emerging industrial activities upon decision of National Council of Investment ;
  • Other benefits upon decision of National Council of Investment such as the partial or total coverage by the State, after evaluation of the Agency of expenditure related to infrastructure works, required for the completion of the investment.

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