Photos of the Algerian cultural week in South Africa (6-10 May 2018)


Algerian Cultural Week in South Africa

To the attention of the Algerian fellows and our friends: The Algerian Cultural Week in South Africa will take place...

As oil prices plummet, Algeria’s private sector drives investment...

One can’t talk about Algeria without mentioning its role as energy leader. With 70 percent of its population under the...

Tender call for 4000 MW solar energy project soon

HOUSTON (United States)- Minister of Energy Nourredine Bouterfa said Wednesday in Houston, United States, a national...

Public-private partnership: Algeria among five African leading...

WASHINGTON–Algeria numbers among the five African countries having invested the most in the public-private...

Algeria calls for peaceful, smooth transition of power in Sudan

ALGIERS - Algeria is following with "particular attention" developments in Sudan and calls for "peaceful and smooth transition of power in accordance with the will of the Sudanese people and their legitimate aspirations," said Friday, a statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Friday, 12 April 2019 20:50  Read more...
Apr 14, 2019 134

UN Security Council: South Africa commits to defending Sahrawi cause

DURBAN-South Africa’s Deputy Minister for International Relations and Cooperation, Luwellyn Landers reiterated his country’s commitment to a just, acceptable and sustainable solution to the… Read more...
Apr 14, 2019 128

Algerians in major protests for 8th Friday demanding figures of system to leave

ALGIERS- The popular marches continued in Algiers and across the country’s provinces, for the 8th Friday in a row, chanting the same slogans demanding "radical change" and the departure of the… Read more...
Apr 14, 2019 127

Head of State pledges national sovereign body to organize election

ALGIERS – Head of the State Abdelkader Bensalah, on Tuesday in Algiers committed to set up, in consultation with the political and civil class, "a national collegial and sovereign institution,… Read more...
Apr 12, 2019 125

المراجعة الاستثنائية للقوائم الانتخابية لسنة 2019

المراجعة الاستثنائية للقوائم الانتخابية لسنة 2019 يسرّ السفارة أن تُعلم المواطنات والمواطنين الجزائريين المقيمين بجنوب افريقيا، بوتسوانا و لوسوتو أنه، عملا بأحكام المادة 102 من الدستور و أحكام… Read more...
Apr 11, 2019 124

Presidential election set for 4 July

ALGIERS – Head of the State Abdelkader Bensalah has summoned the Electorate for the presidential elections on 4 July 2019, setting in motion the process which will allow to fill the… Read more...
Apr 11, 2019 130

Bensalah officially takes office as Head of State

ALGIERS-In accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution, Bensalah Abdelkader officially took office as Head of State at the Presidency of the Republic on Tuesday. Tuesday, 09 April 2019 19:58 Read more...
Apr 08, 2019 128

Vacant presidency: Parliament meeting Tuesday to take cognizance of Constitutional Council’s decision

ALGIERS-Both Houses of the Parliament (the Council of the Nation and the People’s National Assembly) will meet Tuesday at the Palace of the Nation (Algiers) to take cognizance of the… Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 132

Outgoing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's Message to Algerian people

ALGIERS- Outgoing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Wednesday addressed a message to the Algerian people, recalling the achievements made during his terms in office as head of State, asking… Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 120

Constitutional Council ascertains permanent vacancy of presidency of the Republic

ALGIERS- Constitutional Council has ascertained Wednesday the permanent vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic and the declaration act will be communicated today to Parliament, in line with… Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 119

Boukadoum takes office as Foreign Minister

ALGIERS-Sabri Boukadoum took office Tueday in Algiers as Minister of Foreign Affairs, in replacement of Ramtane Lamamra. Wednesday, 03 April 2019 10:08 Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 109

President Bouteflika’s resignation: Political processes part of Algeria’s internal affairs

MOSCOW-Russia affirmed that all the political processes underway in Algeria are part of the country’s internal affairs and “there must be no interference from third countries" following the… Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 111

Algiers Court announces investigations into cases of corruption, travel ban measure

ALGIERS- Preliminary investigations are launched into cases of corruption and illegal transfer of capital abroad, Prosecutor General's Office to Algiers Court has announced Monday in… Read more...
Apr 04, 2019 108

AU proposes “national reconciliation” conference on Libya

TRIPOLI-Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Moussa Faki Mahamat, on Tuesday has proposed a “national reconciliation” conference to settle the conflict in Libya, media said.… Read more...
Mar 29, 2019 110

Preserve national unity, driving force of political parties

ALGIERS – The opinions and the positions of the political class about the solutions likely to end the crisis in Algeria, no matter how diverse, all agree on the need for the preservation of the… Read more...
Mar 29, 2019 104

SADC: Support to Sahrawi people's right to self-determination

PRETORIA – The member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and all the countries invited to the solidarity conference with the Sahrawi people held in Pretoria have… Read more...
Mar 29, 2019 108

Western Sahara: Lamamra partakes in preparatory ministerial meeting for Solidarity Conference in Pretoria

PRETORIA-Vice-Minister, Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra partakes in the preparatory ministerial meeting for the international Solidarity Conference with the Western Sahara scheduled for… Read more...
Mar 29, 2019 105

National Plan on Water: 98% of inhabitants supplied with drinking water

ALGIERS- The National Plan on Water running until 2035 allowed to double and diversify water collection and distribution capacities in the benefit of inhabitants which 98% are now supplied with… Read more...
Mar 24, 2019 115

South Africa to host conference on occupied Western Sahara

ALGIERS- South Africa will host the SADC Solidarity Conference on Western Sahara, scheduled fo5 to 26 March 2019 in Pretoria. The conference will be in support of Sahrawi people’s right to… Read more...
Mar 24, 2019 105

State seeks to preserve sustainability of constitutional institutions

BERLIN – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramtane Lamamra said Wednesday in Berlin (Germany) that the Algerian State was "seeking to preserve the sustainability of the… Read more...
Mar 24, 2019 118

Algeria masters borders securing means

ALGIERS - Algeria has become "a model" to follow in the field of the fight against terrorism and the "total" mastery of the means for securing the borders against all the dangers, said Thursday… Read more...

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